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A Brief CV

What do I do for a living.....

Biomathematics Group

Biomathematics logo My contribution to the group goes from "simple" computer support and system administration to support to projects in the area of Web-based applications and access to resources as for example data bases. You find examples at the
resources page and João Xavier's CV page.

microCortex logo I run, one calls it "CEO". We offer consultant services and provide solutions for small to medium sized businesses [ read more ].

What did I do for a living.....

These are the fields I was involved in:

Computers, Related to NMR

I have written some small programs to help with data processing. They are useful when you have more spectra than you want to handle one by one. This programs are related to peak picking and integration.
A somewhat bigger program is used to simulate spectra. It is completely manual. You can fit Lorentzian or Gaussian lines to the resonances. The lines can be singlets, duplets, triplets or multiplets. In the later one you can define the intensity of each signal. Additionally, you can define satellites.
Written for SGIs.

In the ITQB, I was responsible for the computers related to the NMR. This included software and hardware maintenance.

I provided documentation for the NMR-spectrometer and the associated workstations. This included step-by-step guides for the operation of spectrometer, data processing from FID to presentation, troubleshooting, some documents summarizing some NMR basics and more.

Computers, In General

I was involved in the maintenance of computers (UNIX type OS only) of general interest for the ITQB. This includes administration with implementation of new services.
These computers were the firewall, mail- and web-server, smb-file- and print-server.

I have implemented the first external Web-Pages of the ITQB. It started with a report for the Ministry of Science, which I edited to suit the necessities of a hyperdocument.

I write programs in C, Perl, PHP and sh.....

Computers, For fun

Well, I like Linux a lot. So I take Linux if it works with Linux.



Science means basically in vivo NMR, almost exclusively with cells. I have some experience with algae, yeast and mammalian cells in the NMR tube and used several methods to keep the cells alive while in the NMR tube.
Some infos about publications I worked on.
Other things I worked with: For my master thesis, I built a thermostatic unit for an EPR. Some details.

In the PhD thesis I worked on the energetic metabolism of algae. 31P-NMR was used to monitor NTP (ATP), Pi among other metabolites under various physiological conditions (light/dark, aerobic/anaerobic). Some details.